Bar Stock & Sheet Metal Storage Systems




KASTO UNIPORTAL for Bar Stock and Sheet Metal Storage

The KASTO UNIPORTAL is a flexible storage and retrieval system suitable for medium-sized businesses, or as a buffer system in manufacturing to supply machine tools with material. This system is available for bar stock or sheet metal. Load capacity per storage location is up to 6,600 lbs and because the loading and unloading stations can be placed very flexibly this system can be adapted to almost every material flow situation. Due to its modular design, the UNIPORTAL can be extended without any problems in the future. Only additional shelf blocks are needed. The crane rails will be extended, permitting the gantry crane to be used as is.

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KASTO UNICOMPACT for Bar Stock and Sheet Metal Storage

The Honeycomb Storage System, UNICOMPACT, features excellent space utilization, for both new and already existing buildings, i.e. the classic facilities of steel service centres. The design of the system guarantees that as much space as possible is used for material storage. The newest technology allows for up to 60 picks per hour. An extensive variety of different station designs increases the efficiency for cutting and commissioning of solids or shapes of steel, aluminum, plastic or non-ferrous materials. The KASTO UNICOMPACT is available for bar stock or sheet metal or a combination of both. Load capacity is up to 17,600 lbs. per cassette and the system is suitable for applications with 500 cassettes or more.

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KASTOcenter Fully Automated Sawing Centres

In a KASTOcenter, computer-controlled cranes feed a single bar, fully automatically, to an integrated CNC-saw and automatically restore the remnants. A storage computer keeps inventory up to date. KASTO offers this flexible manufacturing system for the sawing department complete with storage system, saw, control and service as one-source supplier! The result? The highest reliability and minimum idle times due to perfectly fine-tuned individual components. Equipped with discharge and sorting devices for the cut-off pieces, a KASTOcenter runs basically operator-free!

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