Repairs & Maintenance

TecSaw Service – Helping You Achieve Extreme Performance

TecSaw provides exceptional service on any and all metal cutting machines including, KASTO, BOMAR and MACC. Our goal is to ensure your metal cutting bandsaw machine or circular saw machine is back up and running in the shortest amount of time.


Factory Trained Employees

TecSaw technicians are factory-trained, highly experienced professionals who service virtually anything that cuts steel. Together with our fleet of well-stocked service vans, TecSaw ensures that your equipment is running at peak efficiency to allow your facility to achieve the extreme performance you need to stay productive and produce high quality products.

TecSaw technicians also provide preventive maintenance and qualified training of your operating and maintenance personnel to give you the power to maximize your assets.

Our qualified, experienced and well-trained mechanics and electricians who perform maintenance and installation work in the field are recognized and appreciated by our customers due to their experience and fast availability.

Problem Solvers

TecSaw’s service team analyzes your specific questions and problems over the phone, in person or via email and efficiently helps you eliminate faults and problems on your metal cutting machine.

Well Stocked Inventory

Our fully automated storage and retrieval system and highly sophisticated inventory software guarantees the fast supply of metal cutting band saw parts when you need them most.


Bandsaw Machine Maintenance – What to look for

Good cutting results can be achieved only when the band saw machine is in good working order. There are three small keys to maintain your band saw machine that can largely influence the performance, accuracy, and blade life.

1. Carbide Guides – Worn-out carbide guides or guide rollers reduce accuracy and blade life due to increased friction. A worn-out guiding system can lead to premature band saw blade breakage.

2. Wheels – Worn-out wheels can have the same effect, especially those with shoulders. On a worn-out wheel the tracking changes and the blade can rub against the shoulder. As a result, the back of the blade gets damaged and can break prematurely.

3. Chip Brush – The chip brush is one of the most neglected components of a band saw machine. It is extremely important to keep these in working order. Without the chip brush, the chips are not removed from the gullet of the blade, and the next time the blade comes around all the chips are put back into the material. This means the gullet has no more room for additional chips, so the blade is lifted off the material and cannot penetrate the material. As a result, the cut quality can be poor and the risk of tooth breakage high.

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