Our Brands



KASTO is one of the oldest metal cutting saw manufacturers in Germany and is the worldwide market leader in the cutting and storing of metal. Products range from hack saws and heavy-duty band saws to plate saw machines and high production circular saws. KASTO also produces top-of-the line fully automated storage systems for bar stock and sheet metal. KASTO continuously expands its product line with new and innovative products such as fully automatic high-production vertical band saws and high-quality circular saws for aluminium. No other manufacturer can offer more peripheral equipment when it comes to loading, discharging, sorting and marking of material before or after the cutting process. KASTO products are precision engineered to provide reliable and efficient performance in the long run. KASTO consistently blends robust mechanics and modern electronics to develop and manufacture products that meet and exceed our customers’ needs.


BOMAR is one of the world’s fastest growing companies in the metal cutting industry, due in large part to its vast product range with cost-effective and high-quality machines that are suitable for almost every application. BOMAR’s products include small pull-down band saw machines, semi- and fully-automatic miter cutting band saws, heavy-duty double column machines for high production, high production circular saws, a complete line of circular saws for aluminium and a wide range of related products such as roller tables, measuring stops, deburring machines and other accessories. BOMAR products offer high quality at an affordable price.


MACC is a leading company in the sector of sawing machines for ferrous and non-ferrous materials. MACC’s well-built machines are perfect for the workshop and offer an excellent price-performance ratio. TECsaw offers a selection of MACC products that includes manual and semi-automatic cold saws for steel and aluminium.  MACC machines are known for their quality, safety and technological innovation.  They are an UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified company who are committed to renewing their production standards to the requirements prescribed by the European Union.


WIKUS, Europe’s largest band saw blade manufacturers, has produced band saw blades since 1958 and is leading the world market with its offering of more than 1400 product variations. Products range from simple carbon blades and high-performance bimetal and carbide-tipped blades to diamond-coated band saw blades for special applications. For extra performance and blade life WIKUS also offers coated carbide tipped blades that are the best in the industry. WIKUS is well known to its customers for product innovation and a high level of quality and is continually developing new product lines to serve the needs of customers.


STARK is world leader in the production of HSS circular saw blades and carbide-tipped saw blades for ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as circular knives for paper, cardboard, fabrics and various plastic materials. The large variety of blades in combination with a wide range of coatings available for better performance and longer blade life enables TecSaw to always have the best STARK blade for your application.