Metal Cutting Machines

TECSAW Supplies a Wide Range of Metal Cutting Machines

A metal cutting bandsaw machine is a power tool which uses a blade that is a continuous band of metal with teeth along one side to cut different work pieces. This band saw blade usually rests on two rotating wheels which help create a even cutting action by distributing the teeth evenly on the work piece.  They can be of both vertical band saw and horizontal bandsaw designs and are built for friction and hard metal cutting. Equipped with brushes to prevent chips from getting stock in the blades teeth and the work piece.

A circular saw machine: is a power saw that used a toothed blade to cut materials in a rotary motion spinning around an arbor.  Metal cutting circular saw machines are also called cold saws. They are usually large in diameter and operate at low rotational speeds and linear feeds.

We also carry additional machinery including deburring machines and used machines.

Our Band Saw & Circular Saw Machine Suppliers:




TecSaw is the exclusive supplier of KASTO metal cutting machines from Germany.  KASTO is one of the oldest industrial bandsaw machine manufacturers in Germany and is the worldwide market leader in precision saws and storing of metal.  KASTO has just released the new KASTOwin industrial band saw machine line.  A machine built with price and performance in mind.

KASTO’s product line includes:

• Hack Saws
• Heavy-Duty metal cutting Band Saws
• Fully automatic, high-performance vertical band saws
• Plate saw machines
• Circular saws for aluminum
• High production circular saws
• Fully automated storage systems

TecSaw carries, MACC circular saw machines.  MACC is a leading company in the sector of sawing machines for ferrous and non ferrous materials.

The MACC product line has a large variety of quality machine models.  The quality, selection, safety and continuous innovation help set them apart from their competition.

MACC Product Range:

• Manual Cold Saws
• Semi-Automatic Cold Saws

TecSaw also supplies BOMAR machines from the Czech Republic.  BOMAR is one of the world’s fastest growing companies in the metal cutting industry, due to its vast product range with metal cutting saws that are suitable for almost every application.

BOMAR’s product line includes:

• Pull-down band saws
• Semi & fully-automatic miter cutting band saws
• Double column machines for high production
• Circular saws
• Deburring machines
• Roller tables
• Measuring stops
• Accessories