Why is your Chip Brush so Important?

Chip brushes, are a small and inexpensive part on your bandsaw that are critical to ensuring the longevity of your band saw.

1110C Chip Brush

What exactly is a chip brush?  Well it is either a nylon or wire round brush who’s main function is to knock metal chips off the band saw blade.

Why is this important?  Well this ensure the life of your blade by eliminating the chips before they can travel around the b and saw wheels.

Why would this be bad? If the chips get stuck in the bearing wheels or back into the carbide guides then the cutting ability of the blade will be compromised.

These little parts are often forgotten as the sit where the blade exits the housing. However, they are the first thing we look at when something is going wrong in the cutting process.

Are there different types of chip brushes?  Yes, there are three different types. One that moves only when the band saw blade passes it. Another powered by hydraulics and the last powered by a small wheel that moves along the band wheel which turns the brush alongside it.

How much do chip brushes cost?  For general purpose saws they range from $13.00-50.00 each however some specialty saws could see prices above this.

Are all chip brushes the same?  No, it is important to make sure that your chip brush isn’t too rigid. It should be flexible enough so it does not create wear on your band saw blade which again, could cause a problem in your cutting process.

How do you know when they need to be replaced?  This can be difficult to tell, but it is a good practice to compare the way your old brush looks to a new one. Its possible some of the bristles will have been worn down, or melted away and they no longer get all the chips from the gullet of the blade.  To ensure they remain in good shape, check them periodically for any unwanted wear.

If you are looking for chip brushes for your BOMAR, KASTO or even Hyd-Mech machine, contact our parts department for more information.


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