What is a Storage & Retrieval System and How Could it Help You?


If you have been struggling with efficiency in storing and removing processes you have come to the right place.

What is a storage and retrieval systems?

A storage and retrieval system is an automatic computer controlled system that places and retrieves loads from a defined storage location.

Where are these systems used?

They are most commonly used where there is a high volume of loads that need to be moved in and out of storage and where there are space constraints in doing so.

How does a company benefit from a storage and retrieval system?

The equipment is designed to provide shorter access times, shorter delivery times and higher readiness for shipment – along with less operational personnel. The storage and retrieval systems are designed to utilize your space better whether you require a stacking cradle system, sawing center or storage for production or whether the system needs to be a bridge type storage system. With the trend towards “just-in-time” delivery, higher costs have become associated with the cost per order. A storage and retrieval system decreases the cost with effective storage and commissioning systems.

How do you determine which system is best for your company?

Your business is analyzed and the optimum application-specific solution using a wide variety of products are custom-tailored to your needs.

How are these systems maintained?

Performance and reliability is paramount when deciding to purchase a storage and retrieval system. Problems are addressed quickly and efficiently over the phone, fast spare part delivery and trained technicians are available within hours for all your service needs.

What about safety?

Accident potential decreases significantly because automated storage and retrieval systems are much safer than working with cumbersome forklifts and cranes.

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