Metal Cutting Band Saw Machines

TecSaw Offers A Large Variety of Commercial Band Saws

TecSaw offers a wide variety of both Mitering and Straight metal cutting band saws machines from KASTO and BOMAR respectively. These bandsaw machines are available for a variety of cutting applications. From small maintenance cut-off band saws to a straight-cutting band saw for industrial cutting.

Mitering is the most common bandsaws in the market.  With their pivot-style design and miter cutting capabilities these machines are suitable for a wide range of applications and cost usually less than comparable double column machines.

Straight cutting machines offer heavy-duty double column design and are suitable for applications that are too tough for scissor type machines.  These industrial band saws have large cutting capacities and high cutting performance.

Check out the type of band saws for metal we carry below.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, give us a call 905-670-5785 and ask to speak to one of our sales representatives.

Bandsaw Maintenance FAQ

What is the best way to maintain my Industrial Bandsaw Machine to receive optimal cutting performance?

The best cutting results can only occur if the metal cutting bandsaws is in good working order. The following components influence the performance, accuracy and band saw blade life:

Carbide guides or guide rollers: If the carbide guides or guide rollers are worn-out they will reduce accuracy and bandsaw blade life due to increasing friction. A guiding system that is worn-out can lead to premature band saw blade breakage. Our WIKUS metal cutting band saw blades are the best in the business but without proper machine maintenance, even they can have issues.

Band saw wheels- The same thing can be seen with wheels that are worn-out, especially metal band saw wheels that have shoulders. With a worn out wheel the tracking changes and the bandsaw blade can rub against the shoulder. Therefore, the bandsaw blade gets damaged and it can cause premature breakage.

Chip brush – The chip brush is a small component of a metal cutting band saw but it is extremely important. Without this chip brush, the chips will not be removed from the gullet of the blade and the next time the band saw blades comes around all the chips are pushed back into the material instead of removed and discarded. This also means the additional chips formed in the gullet have no room and the blade is lifted off the material instead of penetrating the material which can cause band saw blade tooth breakage.

Moral of the story, ensure your industrial band saw machine has the proper updated wear parts for optimal blade life.

How do you best maintain your commercial band saw?

Here are some basic proactive/preventative or reactive/corrective maintenance tools you can do to keep your steel cutting band saw machine running in the long term.

Daily: Clean chips, debris and the blade; Inspect chip brush and guides for wear; Inspect all fluids, lubricants and/or worn parts; Adjust blade guides, if necessary

Every 3-6 months: Clean fluid/lubricant reservoir; Change hydraulic filters, if necessary

Once a year: Drain and refill the hydraulic tank

A routine bandsaw machine inspection about once a year is a good idea to address any small problems that may lead to larger mechanical problems in the future. the inspection allows you to understand and budget for any upcoming replacement parts and service that may be needed in the future.

What if I haven’t done preventative maintenance on my industrial bandsaw?

If you choose not to do preventative maintenance of your metal cutting bandsaw machine can decrease the saw productivity, the band saw machine life and most definitely the bandsaw blade life. Take the time to make sure your band saw metal cutting machine is running smoothly and you are continuously producing precision in cutting.  This will save you money in the long-run as it keeps your machine running decreasing any downtime losses that might occur.

To schedule a machine inspection or for help maintaining your bandsaw, feel free to contact our service department at 1-800-832-7291.