Metal Cutting Band Saw Blades

TecSaw Delivers the Highest Precision and Productivity Band Saw Blades for Metal

Band Saw Blades for Metal Cutting

TecSaw supplies the highest precision and productivity band saw blades for metal from WIKUS, Germany, offering a wide variety of carbon, bi-metal, diamond and carbide bandsaw blades for all your metal cutting needs.

TecSaw aims to provide you with extreme performance by giving you our personal expertise in service and competent technical support.  In choosing the right WIKUS bandsaw blade for your application we provide on-site support to the Canadian market.





Available Band Saw Blade Types


Carbon steel bandsaw blades are suitable for cutting steel from simple work-shop operations to the sawing of compound materials.



The perfect band saw blade product portfolio for standard and special applications for maximum cutting performance and longer tool life.



Coated premium band saw blades for maximum cutting performance that yields increased machine productivity.


As the hardest material known to man these band saw blades are capable of cutting any material, as well as alloys.

Guaranteed Delivery

Being the largest welding centre in Canada, we can guarantee a turn-around time of carbon, bimetal and carbide tipped bandsaw blades within 24 hours pre-shipping and run every blade through a rigorous testing program prior to shipping to ensure the highest quality – now that’s extreme performance!

The Best Saw Blades

The experts at TecSaw know the complex technological procedures and requirements required to produce extreme performance band saw blades in Canada, every time.

Getting you the best band saw blades in Canada is our number one priority.

Extreme performance means that we only use high quality IDEAL welding machines.

Cut Weld Testing

At TecSaw, each machine performs test cuts welds every day to ensure that our band saw blades always meet the exacting standards of our customers.

Unlike most other welding machines our IDEAL welders use a special automatic thyristor annealing process, which is the secret of a high quality weld.

To ensure these machines maintain their quality, an IDEAL representative inspects and re-calibrates the machines on a regular basis.

Bandsaw Blades for Metal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I select the proper metal cutting bandsaw blade?

Take a look at our blade selection guide, for information on how to choose the best band saw blade for your application.

Should I use bandsaw blades or circular blades for cutting metal?

There is less waste produced when using metal cutting band saw blades than circular saw blades because they are generally thinner. The metal cutting bandsaw blades are longer and run at slower speeds.

How do you produce bandsaw blades in Canada?

We receive the band saw blades for metal cutting from our supplier WIKUS located in Germany in coil stock. Once you place your order, we specifically cut the size of blade to the length you require.  Bandsaw blades are also available for sale in coil stock.

What are band saw blades made of?

Metal cutting band saw blades are made of four main groups from WIKUS; carbon bandsaw blades, bimetal bandsaw blades, carbide band saw blades and diamond bandsaw blades. Carbon steel band saw blades, bimetal bandsaw blades and coated or uncoated carbide-tipped bandsaw blades are widely used for the cutting of wood, steels and nonferrous metals.

On the other hand, carbide-grit and diamond-grit bandsaw blades are used for more exotic applications such as: silicon, fiberglass and abrasive building materials. These blades are specifically ordered from WIKUS directly for you. We do not have stock as the applications become extremely specific.

What is the most common band saw blade we sell?

Bimetal bandsaw blades are the most common band saw blades we sell. They have a cutting edge (teeth) made of M42 HSS material.  M42 is widely used in manufacturing industries because of its superior wear resistance qualities compared to carbon blades. It also allowed for higher cutting speeds and shorter cycle times.

Bimetal bandsaw blades are also sold in X3000 HSS material, which is exclusive to our supplier WIKUS. The bimetal bandsaw blades X3000 have a high hardness and toughness which is perfect for difficult to machine materials because of hits high cutting edge stability.

How long does a blade last for?

There are a few things that determine how long a band saw blade will last.

First, it is important to choose a high quality band saw blade for metal with an aligned smooth weld. Second, the band saw machine must be kept in good condition, this includes both the wheels and guides. Remember to never keep the saw running and the bandsaw blade tensioned when not in use. Third, the operator is a factor as well, they must feed the material to the band saw blade firmly but only as fast as the bandsaw blade can cut the material, excess force can lead to shorter blade life.

Where do you distribute metal cutting band saw blades?

We are the exclusive distributor for metal cutting bandsaw blades in Canada. We service all provinces directly or through our extensive dealer network. We are located in Mississauga just outside of Toronto. We are the largest welding center for band saw blades Toronto area and are able to service all your needs for bandsaw blade in Toronto quickly.