TecSaw is the exclusive supplier of the leading world market WIKUS band saw blades from Germany.


TecSaw carries KASTO, MACC & BOMAR machines for all your metal cutting needs.


TecSaw offers a wide variety of state-of-the-art KASTO Storage & Retrieval systems.


TecSaw International Ltd. finds the right machine and blade combination to meet your requirements and increase your cuts per hour, deliver longer blade life and enhance surface finish. With less downtime, lower replacement costs, and maximized efficiency, your business becomes not only more productive, but more profitable – now that’s extreme performance.

Whether its our showroom, welding centre, storage system or grinding equipment. TecSaw does everything to the extreme – the largest showroom in Canada complete with hands-on cutting tests and expert advice, our state-of-the art welding centre that delivers blades faster than anyone else, and our in-house storage systems and grinding equipment that ensure you get extreme service, every time.

High Performance Equipment

TecSaw International delivers extreme performance with metal cutting band saw and equipment that lasts longer and performs better than anything else on the market.

As the leading Canadian supplier of band saws & band saw blades, circular saws & circular saw blades and fully automated storage and retrieval systems , you can consider TecSaw to be man's newest best friend.

Increased Saw Blade Life

We take a bite out of your blade expenses by improving your cutting performance and accuracy and saving you time, resources and production costs.

Plus, we not only carry products that outperform the competition, like those from WIKUS, STARK, KASTO and BOMAR, we service them too.

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